Orange Flower Water
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Orange Flower Water

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100ml flower water 

Orange flower water  can be used a skin toner, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. It is especially good for sensitive and oily skin types. It helps in soothing skin irritations and reduces the redness.

It is also uplifting and is great used as a room spray to refresh your space with a natural fragrance.

About flower water-

Hydrosol is also known as flower water comes from the process of steam distilling plants, herbs or resins. Essential oils and hydrosols are both a product of plant distillation but the essential oil is the very concentrated oil and hydrosols are the water-based by-product with a smaller amount of essential oil suspended within it.
The aromatic water has all the same therapeutic properties as essential oils just not as concentrated, so flower waters don’t need to be diluted and can be directly on the skin.

More uses for flower water- 

Facial spray- spritz your face throughout the day to replenish skin. Keep in fridge for a cold refreshing mist.

Cleanser- Spray on face and wipe with cotton pad for a natural cleanser/makeup remover. 

Sunburn- spray to relieve sunburn. For best results keep in fridge.

Car freshening – spray in car. Avoid polished or fragile surfaces.

Bath- simply add a splash to your bath water.

Cleaning – mix flower water with vinegar to make a natural cleaning spray, put some in mop bucket for a floor cleaner or add some into washing machine.

Diffusing - you can use flower waters in an ultrasonic diffuser or humidifiers.

Linen spray – spray to freshen sheets, towels and clothes.

Hair care- spray on to damp or dry hair and massage into scalp.

Substitute for water when making fragrances, toners, creams, lotions and other skin care products.

Use in place of water when you mix powdered face masks.

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