Lice prevention and detangler spray
Zen earth oils

Lice prevention and detangler spray

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Lice prevention and detangler spray is a must have for parents with kids in school or kindy.


We had never had lice in the house until my youngest started prep and then it felt like she had them every few months, they kept coming back! It was very frustrating so I decided to make a lice prevention spray. I also wanted to add some coconut oil to help with knots, because I’m sure my daughter isn’t the only kid that loves to have all the beautiful hair styles but will cry at even the smallest knot in her hair!!


This spray has been a life saver, we use it every morning on my daughter and my son. They love the smell, it make’s brushing easier and we have not had one lice in the house since we started using it.


All natural ingredients, safe for kids, no nasty chemicals, vegan and cruelty free.


Shake well before use. Generously spray on damp or dry hair and scalp, brush through hair. Also apply to back of neck and behind ears. 

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