About us

We are a small family business located in the Glasshouse mountains QLD. We have a passion for aromatherapy, essential oils and all the amazing products we can make with them to use on our body's and around the home. All natural/vegan with no harmful chemicals.

Our amazing range of essential oils are bottled in Australia. They are 100% pure. NO additives NO fillers and NO synthetic aroma added.

At Zen Earth Oils we distil our own flower waters (hydrosol) from plants that we have sourced from all around the world and also some plants that we have grown here in our backyard. Flower waters have so many uses, from body spray to natural cleaning products.

Good for the planet, the ocean and you 🌊🌏🌻

Your support means the world to us. Please leave a review if you love our products as much as we love making them for you.

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